sabato 24 agosto 2013

"10 Years of Wooster Collective: 2003-2013"

Final day of the "10 Years of Wooster Collective: 2003-2013" group exhibition curated by Marc + Sara Schiller at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, featuring work and installations 
by over fifty local and international artists...

ABOVE, AIKO, Anthony Lister, BAST, Ben Eine, Blek le Rat, BO130, Buff Monster, C215, Chris Stain, Cope2, Crash, D*Face, DALeast, Dan Witz, Daniel Sparkes, Dark Cloud, Doze Green, ELBOW-TOE, Eltono, Faile, Faith 47, Galo, How & Nosm, Hyuro, Invader, Jace, Jordan Seiler, JR, Judith Supine, Liu Bolin, Logan Hicks, Ludo, Mark Jenkins, Martha Cooper, Mcity, Michael De Feo, Microbo, Miss Van, Olek, Paul Insect, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Skewville, Skullphone, Stikman, Swoon, The London Police, TrustoCorp, Vhils, Vinz, Will Barras, WK, xoooox, Zevs.

This is a small part of the featured works,  Click here to view all the pieces in the show 
Here more picts from Shepard Fairey