mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014

ART BEEKN / “AF Love Print Edition”

ART BEEKN  the gallery 3.0
At the interface of art and digital information technology ART BEEKN presents Urban Contemporary Art and information technology at the same time. ART BEEKN connects Pop-Up Gallery, Concept Store and Digital Playground. For four weeks, the project will flood the ArtyFarty Artspace and the neighbouring Mischpoke with art and urban culture.
Besides the exhibitions, murals and installations ART BEEKN also presents live paintings, artist interviews and music program.
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From 18th of october to 15th of november 2014, the Arty Farty Artspace will be transformed in the headquarters of ART BEEKN.
Parallel to the Internet Week Cologne, ART FAIR and the Cologne Museumsnacht AF Gallery presents in the premises in the Belgian Quarter a total of five exhibitions by 14 well-known international artists during a four-weeks program. 

ART BEEKN the gallery 3.0 presents “AF Love Print Edition” a selection of prints by... 
Raymond Lemstra, Orilo Blandini (DOMA), Will Barras and Brandon Boyd. The group exhibition “AF Love Print Edition” presents a selection of prints by Maya Hayuk, Low Bros, Microbo, BO130, Sozyone Gonzalez, Wayne Horse, Daiker, Morbit, Daniel Lisson and SjocoSion.

ART BEEKN opens a concept store for fashion and bikes, accessories and art books of well known brands and partners.In the concept store you find exclusive sneaker models by The Good Will Out as well as current Streetwear from Ehrenfeld Apparel, Arty Farty and Turbokolor. 
We the People present fixed gear bikes. 
In between: timeless Sunglasses by Kerbholz and rare sounds on vinyl by Melting Pot Music. 
A pop up library is provided by Gingko Press.

Digital​ Playground
The leading role alongside with the art play the so-called beacons – small bluetooth radio transmitters installed at the exhibits which open up a whole new approach to art.
With the free ART BEEKN App, gallery visitors go on an expedition: when approaching an art object, the respective page number and artist’s biography is automatically displayed on the iPhone. There will be exclusive additional content to discover – from short artist interviews to making-of videos. The highlight: App users can be part of an digital art discussion – with all other gallery visitors at the same time.

From 18th of october to 15th of november 2014
Arty Farty ARTSPACE - Maastrichter Str. 49, Köln, 50672.